Saturday, February 7, 2009

Legionaries Finally Admit the Truth

Catholic Order Jolted by Reports That Its Founder Led a Double Life - 9:08pm

My Comment:

There are many fine people in the Legionaries and in their lay movement Regnum Christi. This movement has also established many fine apostolic works. I'm not sure how the members will feel after they learn that they have been decieved and lied to not only by their founder but by the leadership of movement itself who deliberately tried to cover it up.

Personally I would be completely disallusioned by such fraud. At this point they need some serious transparency about what really happened. They need to become an open book and abandon all forms of secrecy, codes of silence, and private scheming. This is precisely the concern of Archbishop Edmund O'Brien of Baltimore who "has asked the Legionaries of Christ for a full, detailed report of all their activities within the Archdiocese of Baltimore"

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  1. Gosh I would have hoped for the same thing from our own larger Church who hasn't yet stopped leading a double life. I am afraid that I am of the age where the larger scandal has hit hard. While maintaining a lively faith in God I find that like a spurned spouse I just can't look at the leaders in the same way again---just can't get the trust level up for anything with bishop attached to it.
    I am one of those who could give a full detailed report on a lot of things I lived thru which many bishops look shocked and awed to hear as if they lived in a totally different reality than I did. They did--as these poor folk did too.
    If there is to be an open book it needs to start a higher level than this poor group.
    My beloved Pope was just hood winked by another whom he extended a loving hand to to prove that this patriarchal institution we love to makle excuses for is deeply mired in it's own double life that only the return of Christ will be capable of remedying.
    In the meantime we who have been so deeply wounded by an unfaithful spouse continue to keep faith in Him who is comforter of all while living with a deep loneliness and wound that will not heal.