Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where have all the Baptists Gone?

Recently Mark Shea drew attention to an article entitled, "THE CHURCH FATHERS: A DOOR TO ROME" by self-proclaimed Fundamentalist Baptist David Cloud who warned his flock not to read the Church Fathers because they were too Catholic. What David Cloud apparently does not see is that if the Apostles were Fundamentalist Baptists just like him, what happen to the Baptists in the second century? Historically this radical juncture demands an explanation. What could have caused the Church to so radically alter her course? Where did her new compass come from?

Hmm! Wait a minute. What if the opposite is true? What if the Church was originally Catholic, with bishops and the celebration of the Eucharist? O yes, her prayers and liturgies developed, but the lines of continuity are much stronger that the supposed radical break that Cloud proposes. Frankly his proposal doesn't make a shred of historical sense. But hey, don't take my word for it. Make up your own mind. Read the Fathers! J


  1. Thats funny, maybe they were invisible like the elevated ones in that series, whats it called, the Ninth something I believe.

  2. I have asked my Baptist family, whom I love dearly, to take a stab at answering this historical disjunction for me, but they have not really ventured much of an answer. To paraphrase Bl. Newman, "to become immersed in history is to cease being Protestant."