Sunday, November 15, 2009

Examination of Conscience for Sports

How many times does my family fail to eat dinner together due to our commitments to Sports? Do I end up spending money unnecessarily on meals out because of the sports schedule?

How often does time spent with one child in sports take time away from my other children or my spouse? Does my spouse complain about the business of my schedule?

How does my involvement in sports impact my spiritual life? Does it interfere with Mass? Does it prevent our family from going to Mass together? Does it prevent me from attending other spiritual activities such as retreats, or classes for adult faith formation?

Do sports interfere with my child attending spiritual activities?

Do I allow myself to be pushed into giving excessive amounts of money and time to sports because of peer pressure and human respect?

Do I behave in a Christian manner while being a spectator? Do I unnecessarily discuss the faults of others? Do I treat the players with respect regardless of their performance at a particular game?

Am I supportive and encouraging of the weaker members of the team? Do I strive to model and build up virtue in the players?

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