Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friends with a Blameless Heart

augustine1Today as I recited Psalm 101 during Morning Prayer I was struck with the theme of friendship.

The psalmist writes;

I will walk with blameless heart

within my house;

I will not set before my eyes

whatever is base.

I will hate the ways of the crooked;

they shall not be my friends.

The false-hearted must keep far away;

the wicked I disown.

Who we keep as our friends says a great deal about as. In our modern “facebook” world we tend to treat the notion of friendship lightly. The Psalmist desires to have friends with integrity who are trustworthy.  Our friends can lead us up or tear us down.

St. Augustine notes;

I would warn you never to link yourself in friendship with those shadows of the realm of darkness, and to break off without delay whatever friendship may have been begun between you and them.

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