Thursday, December 9, 2010

Senate Rejects DADT Repeal

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In breaking news the Senate Rejected the Defense Bill, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal in 57-40 Vote

Today in a press briefing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs spoke out again on the issue:

"The president strongly believes that one of two things are going to happen: Either Congress is going to decide this legislatively, or the courts are going to decide this. And, uh, the policy is going to come to an end. Congress has to ask themselves how they want to end this -- what role they want to play in ensuring that it's done in an orderly way."

I would like to point Catholics to an interesting article by Archbishop Timothy Broglio (Archbishop for the Military Services USA) published in the Washington Post Online edition. After extensively quoting the Catechism he notes;

There is no doubt that morality and the corresponding good moral decisions have an effect on unit cohesion and the overall morale of the troops and effectiveness of the mission. This Archdiocese exists to serve those who serve and it assists them by advocating moral behavior. The military must find ways to promote that behavior and develop strong prohibitions against any immoral activity that would jeopardize morale, good morals, unit cohesion and every other factor that weakens the mission. So also must a firm effort be made to avoid any injustices that may inadvertently develop because individuals or groups are put in living situations that are an affront to good common sense.


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